TOPdesk SEE 2020 Speakers

At TOPdesk SEE 2020, we had the pleasure of hearing from world-renowned experts, award-winning speakers and service excellence gurus. Take a look at last year’s lineup.


Major Tim Peake CMG

Tim Peake was the European Space Agency’s first British astronaut to travel to the International Space Station. Previously an Army Air Corp officer and test pilot, his work on the ISS and active engagement with the public back on Earth has made him a household name and role model to millions. From 400km above the planet, he spoke to over 1.5 million schoolchildren via video and social media, ran the London Marathon on a treadmill and delivered a New Year’s message on the BBC. As a keynote speaker Tim he discusses the lessons he’s learnt about leadership and teamwork and topics like control, risk, decision-making and performing in high-pressured environments.


Nancy Rademaker

Nancy Rademaker is one of the very few female international keynote speakers to cover the impact of digitization on customer behaviour. She has over 20 years of experience in how technology was and is transforming society, working for different IT companies, amongst which five years for Microsoft in Europe. She likes to focus on how technology influences people’s behaviour and how it helps them to share knowledge and to create and innovate. As a highly rated international business speaker and partner at nexxworks, she travels the world taking business leaders to innovation hubs like Silicon Valley and China, using that first-hand inspiration to keep the keynote content and examples on the cutting edge of the latest technologies, developments, and disruptive new business models.


Steven van Belleghem

These past years Steven van Belleghem has given more than 1,000 presentations at events in over 40 countries. His core expertise is the future of customer centricity. The combination between customer-centric thinking, the latest technologies and the human touch is the guiding principle in Steven’s stories. Apart from taking the stage, Steven is the co-founder of inspiration agency Nexxworks and social media agency Snackbytes. He’s an entrepreneur, investor, part-time marketing professor, author of four international bestsellers – which have received multiple awards – and a popular vlogger with more than 2,5 million views. No wonder his opinion is often shared in media like Forbes, Warc or The Guardian.


Anna Gimbrère

Anna Gimbrère is a Dutch science journalist and tv presenter. She studied theoretical physics at the University of Amsterdam, after which she shifted her focus to television and popular science. She worked as a researcher for the “National Science quiz” (Dutch television show), the documentary series “The Mind of the Universe” and presented and commented in several television and talk shows, like “The Right Thing to Do”, “Experimensen” and “Bodem in Zicht”. Anna is passionate about accessible science communication and aims to raise awareness on climate change and sustainability issues. Recently, Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant has crowned Anna as Media Talent of 2019.


Wolter Smit

Wolter Smit was TOPdesk’s first software developer and is the founder and CEO of the company. TOPdesk’s core business is guiding organizations worldwide in delivering service excellence. By developing, selling, implementing and supporting service management software, training service employees and improving service processes. Wolter firmly believes that one of the most fundamental things that makes an organization successful, is its culture. His business is built based on mutual trust, freedom and responsibility. A thriving business that smoothly transitioned in a virtual company with more than 800 home offices around the world.


Annemarie Wolfrat

Annemarie is an agile transition coach at TOPdesk and a public speaker. She works with people in different offices of her organization to help them on their agile journey. Most recently she was responsible for the agile transition of the UK offices and is conducting an analysis of the agility of the development departments. With over a decade of experience in bringing organizational change projects to the desired result, Annemarie has a strong focus on the people side of change projects. After all, it’s the people that make up the multiplayer game.


Martin Beijering

Martin Beijering is the founder and director of the Business Unit Global Accounts within TOPdesk. After focusing on key accounts and setting up the Facilities branch within TOPdesk, he has recently been building a new team to serve global customers the best way possible. He started working at TOPdesk in 2004 and has guided hundreds of international organizations in their service management ambitions ever since. He’s a forward-thinking challenger with an expertise in Shared Services and helping service organizations thrive in an international environment. Combined with his quick wits, he’s the perfect person to join TOPdesk SEE Online and push the conversation further!


Rik van Berendonk

Rik van Berendonk started working at OGD ict-diensten in 2007 as a systems administrator, managing the Electronic Health Record system (EPD) of a large regional health care institution. But it didn’t take long before he also took on project management and coordinating tasks. In the following years he explored different aspects of the business process, as a solutions architect in the tender team, as a consulting technical architect, and currently as CTO. Rik focuses on the intersection of organizational and technical management to find solutions that fit the business requirements best. He strives to find the optimal mix between strategy and technology, or as he calls it: between head and heart.


Esther Roelofs

As a workplace strategist and psychologist, Esther lives at the intersection of business objectives and workplace design. For 20 years, Esther has helped clients reshape their workplace decision-making process by defining the strategic business objectives that can be enabled through innovative design solutions. She has learned that great places to work are always focused on the people who work there. WorkWire developed a new methodology called Workplace Nudging, that addressed behavioral challenges and psychological resistance to change in the workplace and is aimed at giving employees a gentle “push” in the right direction.